Mandarin Fellowship

As Southside we believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is for all nations. At Southside we welcome people from China and other regions of Asia where Mandarin is their first language. MBF is a mid-week gathering aimed at helping those who speak Mandarin to investigate the Bible and learn more about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, while developing skills in the English language. MBF meets in a family home for a weekly dinner, games, social events, and reading the Bible together. Bible studies are led in an easy English format so that people can practice their English and have discussions in Mandarin.

When: Thursday evenings (in Downer) and other occasions Pastor Adam: 0405 492 555,

Home & Away

Canberra is a multi-cultural city blessed with excellent universities and CITs (Tafe Colleges) that attract interstate and international students. At Southside we welcome and love having students in our church family. Home & Away is our ministry that provides pastoral care and support to students during their time in Canberra, away from their families. Students are informally “adopted” and connected to families across Southside who care for them during their time away from their biological families back home. Home & Away is about each student being offered a home away from home because we want them to experience community, genuine love, and spiritual maturity in Christ.

Pastor Adam: 0405 492 555,

Overseas Christian Fellowship

OCF is a student-led ministry on ANU campus for university students from overseas. A number of OCFers make Southside their home church and take part in many ministries across the church. OCF meets on Friday evenings on campus where international students study the Bible in small groups. On some Friday evenings guest preachers will teach from the Bible. OCF also organises a number of sporting and social activities, always involving good food! Each year they have an Easter Camp where they dig deeper into the Bible and grow together as young disciples of Jesus Christ.

When: Friday evenings (on ANU campus) and other occasions Pastor Adam: 0405 492 555,