-Annette and Helen

Coming to Southside made me aware of the richness of God’s Word and His community…

I joined Southside in 2015 when my husband was sick and dying from cancer. It was a tough time when I was invited to church and I felt very welcome. My 45 year-old daughter Helen, who has Downs syndrome, and her carer have been also welcomed into the church family.

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The Bible teaching in church is very good (although sometimes the sermon can be a bit long for me!).

I started coming to Southside Bible Church (then WVBC) in 2003 when it started when there were just a few families coming along. Being a part of church has helped me a lot – with coping when good friends have died and making new friends over the years. Through church I have friends that have been part of my life for over many years and they have helped me in many ways.

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Attending Southside services and serving in the music team has helped me stay rooted to the Word…

I grew up in a Christian family, so church life was never new to me. Attending services and Bible studies, and serving in worship ministry was an integral part of my life, even though I didn’t really understand why I did it. By God’s grace, He put people in my life that made me struggle and question who this God was that I said I believed in and served.

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-Zhang Ni (Sunny)

…reminds me that I belong to God’s big family

I became part of this wonderful church family from late 2007. The church is indeed my family that I love and serve dearly and reminds me that I belong to part of God’s big family. As part of the church family I am treated with respect, gentleness, understanding and encouragement. Thanks to the mutual love we share with each other and the work of our heavenly Father in my life, I have grown to love God and His people more than anything this world can offer.

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As an international student, Southside is a great place to belong…

I joined Southside because many students from the Overseas Christian Fellowship are in this church. I’ve visited other churches before Southside, but found the preaching here is the closest to my home church in Singapore, i.e. it is Bible-based, and the overall environment is cheerful and friendly. I find the worship highly engaging with powerful voices and touching music that lifts our hearts to worship Jesus.

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-John and Hannah

We’ve had the great pleasure of engaging in close fellowship with a diverse range of people…

Having moved to Canberra for work in 2009, it was an easy choice to come to Southside Bible Church – God led us here! God’s Word teaches us that the church is the arena in which we best exercise our gifts: to serve Him and His people.

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