Every member Ministry

At Southside we believe that church is not for ourselves. We don’t come to church to be consumers, but to be equipped through worship and training to serve others. We put the needs of others before our own, considering the health of the Body as a whole rather than just our own tribe.

We believe it is biblical for every Christian to make some kind of contribution to church life, and to use their God-given gifts to the furthering of gospel work in our local community – which is why we are on about Every Member Ministry.

Our ministries are structured to encourage our partners to discover and grow their skills and spiritual gifts to better serve and love one another. This can often mean stepping out of our comfort zones, learning to love people who are different from us, and trying new things. We do this because we believe in the gospel’s unique power to transform our lives beyond what we can achieve on our own.

There are many ministries going on at Southside, all of whom need more faithful brothers and sisters in Christ to get involved.


The gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t just a message for adults; it is the truth simple enough for even children to understand!

At Southside we believe that children a precious blessing from the Lord, and are in need of a Saviour. Our children’s programs are designed to teach children of all ages from God’s Word, to help them see Jesus and what He did for them more clearly, and to help them value Christian fellowship.

Bible Kids (BKs) is our active and fun program for children in kindergarten through to year 5. While their parents sit through the sermon, children in BKs learn about Jesus and what it means to trust and follow Him through various activities such as singing, games, drama, and craft.

Children join us in church until Café Time before being led out to BKs by our dedicated team of leaders who consistently model Christ-like love to the children.

Children under 5 are cared for during the sermon time in our Bible Tots crèche program, led by experienced childcare workers and parents. For those (babies) who prefer to sleep through the sermon, a designated “pram alley” with extra space and seats reserved for parents can be found at the back of the hall.

The safety and well-being of children in our care is very important to us. All people who work with children at Southside Bible Church are required to have a current ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ card, have completed a Safe Ministries training course and be committed partners at Southside Bible Church.


Solid Rock is a Bible Study run for youth in years 6-10 during the sermon on Sunday mornings.

Youth are expected to join us for the first part of our celebration, and are encouraged to use their gifts to serve the Body of Christ. After Café Time, they meet together to do in-depth studies in God’s Word. Solid Rock aims to deepen the understanding that these young men and women have about Jesus and what it means to follow Him.

Illumin8 is our Friday night youth ministry for students in year 6 through to year 10. It’s a place where teens can ask the big questions of life, discover Jesus, make some great friends and have fun along the way.

Each Friday night we play games, share supper together, read the Bible and discuss what we have read in an attempt to better understand the character of God, the person of Jesus Christ, and ourselves. Each term we also have special events and recreational activities organised, and seek to refresh the youth in their school studies by creating a supportive, friendly and gospel-centred community.

The group is supervised by a team of Christian leaders who are intent on encouraging and teaching the youth each term through the words they speak and by their actions. All people who work with youth at Southside Bible Church are required to have a current ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ card and be committed partners at Southside Bible Church.

Illumin8 is a youth ministry of the Bible Churches in Canberra, bringing youth from all ages and from all areas of Canberra. We seek to welcome people without prejudice and share the love of Jesus without compromise. If you are a high school aged student we would love you to join us on Friday nights and get involved – you don’t even have to be part of Southside Church. If you have any questions, or wish to receive more information, please contact Rowan at theillumin8youthgroup@gmail.com.

Home and Away

Canberra is a multi-cultural city blessed with two great universities that attract interstate and international university students. At Southside we welcome and love having university students in our church family. Home and Away is our ministry that provides pastoral care and support to interstate and overseas students during their time in Canberra, away from their families. Students are informally “adopted” and connected to families across the Southside community who care for them during their time away from their biological families back home. We think it is important that every student who joins Southside is offered a home away from home because we want them to experience community, genuine love, and spiritual maturity in Christ.

More Information: If you’d like to know more about Home and Away, please contact Pastor Adam.

Mandarin Bible Fellowship

As Southside we believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is for all nations. A number of our congregation on Sundays come from China and speak Mandarin as their first language. For this reason we offer a Mandarin Bible Fellowship that helps people who speak Mandarin to investigate the good news of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, while developing their skills in the English Language.

A key part of this ministry is to introduce Jesus to Mandarin speakers at ANU and help them grow in their spiritual maturity while they study in Canberra. We meet weekly for meals, games, social events, outings and reading the Bible together. Our Bible studies are run in an easy English format so that people can practice their English and have discussions in Mandarin.

When: Thursdays, 6:30pm

More Information: If you’d like to know more about the Mandarin Bible Fellowship please contact Pastor Adam.

CrossCare – serving the
needs of our community

As a community, we are committed to the good of our neighbours in the Kambah and Tuggeranong region. CrossCare is a ministry of Southside Bible Church that serves the physical needs of our neighbours through acts of mercy and service regardless of their race, religion or status.

We offer practical assistance to those with special needs in our community, loving them in word and deed, whether or not they believe in the same things we do. We serve through a number of ways including volunteering, housekeeping, crisis care, food donations, and partnering with like-minded charities. We do this because, we follow in the steps of the One who taught us to love God above all and love our neighbour as ourselves.

Contact Jayan for more information.

Future events
Community Morning Tea (in partnership with Fusion)
at the Fusion Op Shop, Kambah Village
10.30am, Wednesday December 20, 2018

Free gardening help for the elderly and people with disabilities in the Kambah area by volunteers(basic gardening activities only (eg mowing, trimming etc)). No landscaping, heavy work or pesticides.

Child Safety

Our Statement of Commitment on child safety:

Children have a special place in God’s kingdom. Jesus says that whoever takes the lowly position of a child is the greatest in God’s kingdom. He also has the harshest words for those who cause little ones to stumble (Matt 18:6).

Southside Bible Church takes seriously the Bible’s mandate to be proactive in the welcoming, spiritual nurture, protection, safety and care of those in our ministries – both adults and children. We recognise that children and young people are a valued and important part of the church family but they are potentially vulnerable. We affirm their right to feel safe, listened to and respected at all times.

As part of our Child Safe Policy we commit to:

- Ensuring all leaders and those who work with children sign a Partnership Agreement and Code of Conduct (except in exceptional and temporary circumstances)

- Ensuring all leaders are appropriately screened and have their background’s checked before appointment

- Ensuring leaders and team members are trained to promote the safety and well-being of children and young people

- Ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to handle disclosures, allegations of abuse and inappropriate behaviour

- Ensuring that all leaders receive ongoing support in performing their roles within Southside Bible Church

- Ensuring that Southside Bible Church provides safe environments for all activities involving children and young people

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