We seek to Build the
Body of Christ

The Bible tells us that it takes the whole Body of believers to do the work of the church (Ephesians 4:11-16), not just the “professional” Pastors. So we encourage everyone to use their gifts and put them to work in many ways across the church Body. The Pastors are there to equip everyone and help them discover their gifts.

We seek to Reach
people with the Gospel

The Bible Churches gather for weekly Celebrations, and then the church scatters to gather others in. In God’s strength we seek to promote the Gospel of all grace with our lips and our lives. It is God who gives the growth to His church, but He graciously chooses to use us in this endeavour. We want to reach people through local and global mission.

We seek to Make
Disciples of Jesus

Being a Christian is much more than just church attendance. Following Jesus must impact every compartment of our lives – work, family, friendships, school and university life, rest, play, hobbies, social concerns, and everything else! To be a disciple of Jesus is to invite Him to be Lord not only of the margins of your life, but at the very centre of your being. Across the Bible Churches we want to be disciples of Jesus who are disciple-makers.